Delivery of 120 tons of products monthly Refund of the losses in case of defects

Supply of dried fruits, fruits and vegetables in bulk from Uzbekistan

We are Sultan Agro Impeks, a company that supplies fresh and dried fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts. Now we successfully supply products to the CIS countries, Europe and Asia.

All our products are made in Uzbekistan. Thanks to this, we can personally carry out quality control of products directly from local farmers and gardeners. The head office of our company is located in Tashkent, and the warehouse is in Ferghana.

Высокое качество

High quality

We understand that high quality products are better than any, even the most expensive advertising. Therefore, before sending the order to the customer, we check the cargo and replace all the goods that have not shown the highest level of quality.

Высокое качество

Integrity and reliability

To sell here and now at any price is not our choice. The main value of Sultan Agro Impeks is to increase the number of satisfied customers every day, conquering them with honesty and reliability of services.

Высокое качество

Best Service

Sultan Agro Impeks always works for the long term. It is important for us that choosing us is both profitable and as convenient as possible. Therefore, we pay a lot of attention to communicating with the client and surrounding him with proper comfort.

Высокое качество

Customized solutions

We understand that sometimes you need something special. Therefore, we create the most favorable, individual conditions for the client.

Высокое качество

Competitive prices

We constantly monitor the market and make sure that the prices of our products remain the best choice in the price/quality ratio

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